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Meet HelloPackage.

The next generation of package management system technology.

Your communities are receiving more and more packages for residents every day. The packages are getting larger, heavier, and of all shapes. And, around the Holidays…it gets really crazy growing to 2x to 3x its normal volume. You have tried to use your existing staff to solve the problem and you might of even installed some antiquated lockers. The staff option left you with much less time to lease apartments and the lockers overflowed packages back to the leasing office…not good.


eCommerce is only 10% of overall retail right now and growing rapidly. Like it or not, you are in the logistics business. That’s where HelloPackage comes in. You need professional grade tools to handle this problem. Our package room solution is a unique, high tech, patent pending, software-driven set of technologies specifically designed to help you manage the problem today and beyond. We’re an innovative, lockerless package solution that proves less expensive and more efficient than any other product on the market.


Your residents expect and demand speed and convenience. They order online to get both. You need a package solution that is specifically designed to deliver this and more. HelloPackage lets carriers deliver packages in just 10 seconds each, getting the heavy carts out of the room much faster, which is important as more and more carriers deliver. Residents can get their package in approximately one minute, 24 hours a day. Package returns can also be made right in the HelloPackage room (up to ⅓ of all eCommerce packages are returned). This is a world class amenity that residents will love.


20 million lines of software later, we've built a state-of-the-art package solution. We use advanced sensors, computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, multiple types of displays, countless security measures, and more...all to solve the last mile of package delivery for your community.

Less expensive

HelloPackage is a custom designed product that is less expensive than handling packages with your current staff or using antiquated lockers. The system is not only cheaper to purchase upfront, but can also turn your package problem into the package opportunity, by becoming a new profit center. Plus, you get your leasing staff time back to focus on leasing. If you accept residents packages, you should make a profit on the activity, and we can show you how.

Easier to Scale

Your community’s package problem will double, triple or maybe grow more in the coming years. All indications are pointing to huge growth. You want to install a package management system now, that is specifically designed to handle this problem. Our unique, patent pending software and hardware combination allows you to easily and inexpensively add capacity. Everything is designed to quickly connect in the cloud and seamlessly integrate. You can even add temporary or permanent capacity outside in your parking lot via our Container Edition. Getting the right system today will allow you to meet the massive influx of packages tomorrow.


Unique Code/Secure Door Access

Residents and Carriers are given unique codes to gain access to the secure HelloPackage room. The room is protected by electronic access control and specified electric strike locks. Once the unique code is entered, carriers are directed to scan in packages inside the room and residents are told what Zone (shelf) contains their package.


A Picture is Everything

Residents are shown a picture of their package on their smartphone for quick and easy retrieval. Residents check in outside the room with their unique code and then go straight to their package. Residents can get their package in under one minute.


LEDs Light The Way

Once the resident checks in outside with their one-time code, LEDs built right into the system alert the resident by name exactly where their package can be found. Each HelloPackage Zone has LED light strips built in that communicate to the resident. Super fast, super easy.


Keeping Residents And Packages Safe

Advanced sensors, multiple surveillance cameras inside and outside, along with over 20 million lines of sophisticated software using computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are keeping residents and their packages safe.


Carriers Are In And Out Quickly

HelloPackage is designed to let carriers check in packages in 10 seconds each. Everything is automated and the system reads the package label, OCRs the resident information, and matches the package, notifying the resident. The driver then simply places the package on any available shelf or the floor for larger packages. The system does all the work and everything is very fast making sure that residents are not waiting on carriers that are blocking the package room.


Package Returns – Residents Will Love It

One third ⅓ of all eCommerce packages are returned for a refund. HelloPackage makes it very easy for your residents to do their returns right in the community without the hassles of driving their returns/outbound packages around. Many of your residents may not have a vehicle. This is a very desirable resident amenity and is built into HelloPackage.


More Carriers Equals More Confusion

Today, your communities are seeing up to 10 different carriers that are many times unvetted, non-professional, and arriving seven days a week. And these numbers are likely to grow. You need the most sophisticated, integrated, software driven, custom designed solution available for package management. You can no longer have these people going down your halls…too high of a security risk. HelloPackage is designed to handle all types of carriers and takes under 60 seconds to learn.


Designed To Be Easily Expandable

As the package volume, size, shape, and weight increase coming to your communities, you may need to expand your capacity. HelloPackage makes this very easy to do with its Container Edition. The container takes several parking spaces or is placed on a concrete pad and is then easily just connected to the cloud, extending your package handling capabilities either permanently or during peak times like the Holidays. Or you can use the Container Edition if you simply don’t have inside space available for a package room.


Need more information?

Introduce yourself to HelloPackage and say goodbye to your problems with packages. Fill out the form here or call us at (404) 382-5805 for more information.