755 North

755 North Avenue NE
Atlanta GA, 30306

The Challenge

In the vibrant urban setting of Atlanta, Georgia, our client, overseeing a community of 227 units, faced a distinct package management challenge that demanded a strategic solution:

  • Resident Discontent: Residents were increasingly dissatisfied with the existing off-site package management solution. Their dissatisfaction stemmed from inconveniences and delays in retrieving their packages.
  • Contract Renewal Dilemma: The contract with the off-site package management provider was up for renewal, but the proposed renewal rate was significantly higher. This posed a financial challenge for our client.
  • Budget Constraints: Complicating matters further, there was no allocated capital budget to address the package management issue. This lack of financial resources added another layer of complexity to the challenge.

In the heart of Atlanta’s urban landscape, where convenience and efficiency are paramount, our client sought an innovative and cost-effective solution to enhance resident satisfaction while managing escalating costs. The following section will delve into the actions taken to address these challenges and the remarkable outcomes achieved.

The Solution

To address the package management challenges faced, our client embarked on a transformative journey with HelloPackage. Here’s how together we tackled the challenges and achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • Project Begins: Using the well-structured HelloPackage timeline as the overall guiding force, the project commenced with a kick-off on July 7th. The timeline allows for thorough planning and execution.
  • Resident Introduction: On July 15th, residents were introduced to the upcoming changes, creating anticipation and understanding among the community.
  • Resident Onboarding: On July 29th, a comprehensive resident onboarding process was launched to ensure residents were well-prepared for the transition.
  • HelloPackage Installation: The HelloPackage system was expertly installed on August 1st, setting the stage for a seamless launch.
  • Efficient Launch: On August 7th, the HelloPackage system was launched.

System Configuration:

  • 24/7 Resident Self-Serve: The HelloPackage system ensured round-the-clock access for residents, allowing them to retrieve their packages quickly and at their convenience.
  • Optimized Shelving: The installation featured three smart shelves with a combined capacity of 120 packages, ensuring efficient package organization.
  • Dedicated Oversized Zone: A dedicated oversized zone was established to accommodate larger packages, further enhancing efficiency.
  • On-Site Dedicated Service: To bolster the resident experience, HelloPackage provided five hours of on-site dedicated service each week, adding a human touch to the automated system.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Remarkably, this solution was implemented at a cost substantially below the previous off-site solution, offering an affordable alternative.
755 North Package Room
755 North Package Room

The meticulous execution of the solution, from timeline planning to system configuration, allowed our client to not only overcome their package management challenges but also significantly reduce costs while enhancing the resident experience. The next section will illuminate the tangible outcomes achieved through this transformation.

The Outcome

The implementation of HelloPackage’s innovative solutions resulted in transformative outcomes for our client, addressing their package management challenges and enhancing the overall resident experience.

  • Package Volume Management: The HelloPackage system efficiently managed package volumes, providing residents with a seamless experience.
    The numbers spoke for themselves:
    • Month 1: 1,293 packages
    • Month 2: 1,861 packages
    • Month 3: 2,197 packages
    • Month 4: 2,136 packages
    • Month 5: 2,567 packages
  • Delivery Driver Engagement: Approximately 220 delivery driver visits per month were recorded, indicating consistent participation and cooperation with the HelloPackage system.

Operational Enhancements:

  • Relief for Leasing Team: The leasing team was no longer responsible for managing packages or engaging with delivery drivers. They were able to focus on their core responsibilities, improving overall operational efficiency.
  • On-Site Service: HelloPackage provided ongoing on-site service, with five hours dedicated to on-site reconciliation each week. This commitment to service ensured that package issues were promptly addressed, enhancing the resident experience.
  • Return to Sender Policy: A three-day return to sender policy was implemented, ensuring that packages were not left unattended for extended periods.
  • Exceptional Service: The HelloPackage system maintained an impressive exception rate of only 1.3%, showcasing its reliability and effectiveness in handling packages.
  • Resident Confidence: Residents expressed confidence in the security and efficiency of the HelloPackage system. They embraced it as a reliable storage solution, even during holidays, further highlighting their trust in the system.
  • Resident Satisfaction: Resident satisfaction quickly rose to over 7 out of 10, underlining the positive impact of the HelloPackage system on the overall living experience within the community.

HelloPackage’s tailored solutions not only resolved the client’s package management challenges but also significantly enhanced the resident experience. Efficient package handling, increased resident confidence, and operational improvements underscored the success of the implementation.

With an outstanding exception rate and high resident satisfaction scores, this case study serves as a testament to the transformative impact of innovative package management solutions.