HelloPackage | 8 Reasons
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Here are the eight reasons we built HelloPackage:

So you can be wrong and things will still be okay!

No matter how big you think eCommerce is going to be, you are likely wrong and you are estimating too low. The eCommerce revolution is going to get much larger and to add to the package volume, physical stores are now delivering directly to your communities. Today, your residents might order five different things online that come in five different packages. Result…massive package volume for you.

It’s not just UPS, FedEx, and USPS anymore.

Now anyone can be a package delivery driver, all you need is a car, a smartphone, and a heartbeat. Almost every major retailer and many smaller ones are starting to deliver directly from their local physical stores to your communities. These drivers are coming seven days a week at all hours of the day. This creates complexity and potential security risks if not handled by a sophisticated software-driven system like HelloPackage. Carrier management has to be automated and managed or it will quickly become out of hand.

Your staff handling packages and dealing with carriers has to stop!

You are not being paid by the carriers to handle their packages and the carriers cannot lease apartments for you. You have to get back to your real business of leasing apartments…Don’t spend valuable leasing staff time on packages, the opportunity cost is simply too high. The increasing complexity of last mile logistics at your communities must be addressed with powerful, custom designed software and hardware, not your staff’s time, energy, and brainpower.

Package Lockers are 100-year old technology.

Package lockers were fine as a stopgap measure and if you bought them, don’t feel bad – I am sure you got some immediate relief. However, the world is not solving complex logistical problems with more bent steel, you must have modern tools to solve a modern problem. Package lockers are inefficient, not intelligent, and can quickly become overwhelmed. They take up a huge amount of precious physical space and their capacity is low. When they overflow or have a package size-mismatch, you are back in the package handling business again at the leasing office, giving you two ineffective systems.

Handling packages is a compound problem, not easily solved.

Add together greatly increased package volumes, sizes, weights, and odd-shapes with an increasing number of carriers, then add in staff, resident, and carrier turnover. Now for good measure add a daily peak of activity starting around 4:00 PM, with a seasonal peak from Black Friday until the end of the year, and you have a very complex logistical issue to solve. Antiquated Package Lockers with little software are no match for this issue today and certainly are not prepared for the future. Sophisticated software married to very flexible hardware is how the modern world solves complex problems.

The package amenity is likely to become the most used and desired.

There is a once in a generation tectonic shift happening in how we buy things. Your residents buy online for one main reason…convenience. You want a package system that provides this convenience and delights residents. Residents want the very best systems available to save them time…both receiving and returning packages. HelloPackage handles both right in the community. HelloPackage will be continually enhanced via software and hardware updates. Your residents demand new and better experiences. There is no such thing as too convenient.

Pick the right team.

Do the people selling you your package amenity know logistics, technology, and the apartment business? Can they demonstrate to you their deep experience in each area? To make sure that you have the very best solution going forward, you need strong expertise in all three areas. You are partnering with a group of people, not just buying a product. The package issue is evolving quickly, choose your team carefully.

The ‘package problem’ today becomes the ‘package opportunity’ tomorrow.

We know that you just want the ‘package problem’ to go away. However, we can show you how the package room might become one of the most profitable and most coveted spaces in your communities. Do not let anyone sign you up to a 5-year exclusive deal! You will likely live to regret this…don’t pick sides in the massive eCommerce or carrier battles to come. Your residents will want total flexibility in who they order from and how their packages are delivered. This battle is just getting started and your package space may become very valuable real estate in the near future!