Customer Testimonials

Simpson Housing

“In my personal experience, the only other package solution we had worked with was an offsite solution. We just ran into a lot of issues with missed deliveries, and it was the number one request from residents on surveys that we switch the package solution service. So far since switching to HelloPackage we haven’t had any complaints. It’s easy, it’s user-friendly and it’s secure. Our regular delivery drivers find it super easy, every now and then we’ll get a new or one-off delivery driver who just needs a little bit of help getting in, but once they get into the room it’s easy. We love it!”

Summer Monroe

Assistant Community Manager, Briley Apartment Homes


“We’ve been really loving it! It’s been really effective to have a system where the carriers are held a little bit more accountable. They have to go in and use a code to enter and immediately they’re on camera, so that really helps a lot. Even the feedback from our carriers is when they don’t know how to use the system, the tutorials are really helpful, it’s easy to use and our residents find it easy to use as well. We’ve had the system from the get-go here so even as we’re starting to increase in our occupancy, it’s still very effective and easy-to-use for our residents and also our carriers!”

Cassidy Howard

Associate Community Director, Folksong Apartments


“The HelloPackage set-up is sweet! We love as you come in (fingersnap) bingo … the cameras (outside and in) are a selling point. As soon as you open the door the camera’s right there, and people feel like “oh, okay if anything’s taken at least we know someone has been in the room” at a particular time. Y’all are sweet, no problems and nothing to complain about with HelloPackage! Everybody should have this!”

Carole Kirkland

Marketing Representative, The Lowery

Revival on Main

“HelloPackage has been a part of Revival on Main for 3-years now. We are happy to say it just keeps getting better! The staff is quick to communicate and always willing to help. Any support tickets are taken care of as soon as possible, most of the time just a system reset and we are good to go. We are looking forward to an updated tablet and another great year with Denise and HelloPackage!”

Brooklyn Mede

Property Manager, Revival on Main

The Port House

“I try to shout out HelloPackage anytime I get a chance because I have nothing but fantastic things to say about them. From Denise to Robert, the staff is incredible and set the company apart. If I have an issue with our room, Robert responds within minutes and is overall proactive instead of reactive, which is more than what I can say about 99% of the vendors I use. I am now in the process of getting HelloPackage installed at a brand new community and our construction team had sent an incorrect install date, one that was a full four months past the date we needed. There was absolutely no push back from HelloPackage when we gave them the correct date, even though this pushed up their install date by four months!!! Instead, they simply responded and said they would make it happen. I love working with this company and look forward to a continued partnership.”

Hunter Helms

Regional Property Manager, The Port House

The Brady

“HelloPackage is consistent! Their customer service is the best I’ve had with any package solution, unlike (Fetch) an offsite solution that didn’t have customer service outreach, where you couldn’t reach anybody (ever), and they were rude when you did reach someone. But HelloPackage … whenever you need them, they’re in the package room, even for the carriers which is great because for some of them, it might be their first time in the room – as soon as they go in there the (telepresence) will pop up and ask if they need help – and they’re super nice (love them)! Anytime I put a ticket in, I get a response immediately … I could go on and on, I just love HelloPackage. It’s the best package system we’ve had. You get a one-time code, you go in and it tells you what zone it’s in, there are cameras everywhere. Another thing HelloPackage offers is the room reconciliation staff (taskers). Even though they’re two different people, both of them are great and they’re on the same page about everything. When residents aren’t picking up their packages, they’re letting them know, they’re organizing the package room so nicely – so when things are thrown everywhere from Amazon and everyone else, they come in there, they clean it all nice … if there is a resident that has like 10 packages, they’ll consolidate into one (zone) so the resident doesn’t have to look everywhere, and everything is all together. I haven’t heard any negative feedback at all from residents, but when we had (Fetch) residents were out here every day. And we have the service side that comes out too, and they service if there’s things going on in the room (I don’t notice anything, but I guess they do) and they come in and fix things immediately, and they’re kind too. It’s just all about the vibe you get from HelloPackage associates and staff, everyone is just great!”

Iteya Dunham

Leasing Consultant, The Brady

Arya Peachtree

“I’ve seen all the different package solutions, from nothing to this (HelloPackage) and every kind of step in between, be it door deliveries, or the basic iPad kinda thing … had a different kiosk system (Package Concierge and LuxerOne) and their system was pretty good but still a dumb system where you have to still put in everything. It worked because I made the team do it. Those are good if you constantly manage it, which I needed to get away from, I need to be leasing apartments – I don’t need to be managing packages and that’s why I was drawn to the HelloPackage system. Having that human element (an actual person come through, check, and organize to make sure everything’s scanned in) was kind of the missing piece on top of all the technology. HelloPackage is the perfect blend of the technology and the human element (having that tasker person – you still have to physically do stuff in here) that combination has worked. It’s the first system that I have not had to manage the packages with. The best part about it is when someone can’t find their packages – there’s built-in technology (when you can figure it out) so you can look at the video. The audio and visual prompts (the lights, TV and stuff) are very effective, the blend of all of that works and frees up (the staff) to do other stuff!”

Tim Cambre

Property Manager, Arya Peachtree

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