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June 5, 2023

The “delivery driver” problem?

One common piece of feedback we receive at HelloPackage is something that goes like this:  “We love HelloPackage, but we really struggle with some delivery drivers’ willingness to use the system.”  This isn’t just a common theme recently, it’s been the case since we introduced the product into the market.  Initially, we thought we could entice the drivers to happily use the system if we could accomplish two things:

  1. Provide a single drop-off location thus eliminating the need to deliver packages door to door.
  2. Provide a system that was so easy to use that each package could be checked in in under 10-12 seconds.

What we’ve since come to learn is, while these two things are enough to get the vast majority of drivers to use the system, these two things are not enough to get everyone to use the system.  We have also confirmed and reconfirmed this “problem” is one that is shared across the industry with on-site solutions (off-site solutions have a slightly different set of challenges).

How HelloPackage approaches the challenge?

At HelloPackage, we decided that if we are going to truly innovate and provide a different on-site solution, we needed to work to address the problem and minimize its impact on on-site staff as well as residents.  So we now do several things that, when taken as a whole, have really helped:

  1. Before we ever install HelloPackage, our Customer Success team provides guidance on how to collect delivery driver information for that location.  Using that information, our team proactively reaches out to local driver facilities to make them aware of the system and determine how we can get ahead of the problem.  As an example, Amazon Field Quality Assurance managers are invited onsite to see the room and get trained on it.
  2. Once HelloPackage is installed, we must continue to train.  We use our Delivery Driver Management module (telepresence in the room to have a live person greet and train the driver), 15-second tutorials displayed on the access tablet, QR codes that can be scanned in the room, and published signage that take drivers to easy-to-consume training.
  3. Lastly, we mitigate any non-compliant drivers by coming behind them with a limited amount of service in the room, we check in “dumped” packages, and we report those packages to the appropriate carriers to try to affect ongoing behavior.

Where do we go from here?

The number of delivery drivers and the volume of packages are only going to continue to grow.  To help our customers, we cannot rest on what we’ve accomplished so far.  We must continue to innovate our approach to managing delivery drivers.  Here are some more ideas we are working on:

  1. Testing incentive programs that encourage usage of the system.
  2. Continue to make technology changes – making the system even easier to use reducing check-in time even further.
  3. Ultimately, we have a vision to integrate with the carrier technology systems so we know what packages will be arriving in the HelloPackage room before they are even on the property.


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