HelloPackage | The Technology
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The Technology

A Powerful Mix of Software & Hardware

HelloPackage is a custom designed SaaS (Software as a Service) system with an enabling, plug and play hardware component. The solution is comprised of software that is designed to allow carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Amazon, and others) to quickly and easily deliver packages to the package room, and at the same time notify the resident that their package has arrived.


The system is built to integrate into the community’s, carrier’s and online retailer’s backend system and make the entire process fast and seamless.


The hardware consists mainly of custom designed shelving with weight sensors, label reading and surveillance cameras, check-in tablets and local processing and communications equipment.


The system allows carriers to check in a package in approximately 10 seconds which is very important as more and more carriers show up and block the package room with their carts. Residents are then notified via the HelloPackage app, txt msg, or via email that their package is ready for pick up, given a one-time use code for package room entry, and they are given a picture of the package. The resident can get their package in approximately 60 seconds once they enter the package room. The system is very fast for both the carrier and the resident.


The HelloPackage system is easy to install, easy to maintain and repair and is power efficient. Given its shelf-centered build, it’s also easy to scale, both permanently and during high volume times like the holidays.


Click here for a Package Lockers vs HelloPackage comparison.


Software Driven

20 million lines of software to-date and constantly releasing new features.


Powerful and Mobile

Residents get a powerful/full-featured mobile experience.


Extended Equipment Life

Easily updated as technology improves, extending ROI.



Advanced sensors, computer vision, machine learning and AI.

The Carrier’s Journey

HelloPackage is designed for speed. The carrier can learn the system in one minute and check in packages in approximately 10 seconds each. OCR (optical character reading) software reads each package label as it is scanned into the system by the carrier. This process that takes less than one second per package, thus allowing the carriers to check in packages very quickly and not block the package room with their carts. Once placed on a shelf, the HelloPackage system is able to immediately identify and continuously track the package location using patent pending weight sensor technology built into each shelf that accurately captures the package’s weight down to the gram. This information is then used tie the resident’s name and package together. All of this happens very fast and without any slow/cumbersome searching for names, marking packages, determining appropriate locker size, etc. As more and more carriers come to your communities, speed is very important.

The Resident’s Journey

HelloPackage is designed for convenience and speed. The resident can learn the system in one minute and pick up their package in approximately one minute. As the carrier works to scan in each package at the community, residents are notified of a package delivery via the HelloPackage smartphone app, txt msg, or email. This notification includes a one-time use code that allows the resident to enter the package room. Once this code is entered into the tablet outside the package room door, the resident is then told what Zone number (think shelf) their package(s) are located. Their package can be moved any number of times prior to their arrival at the room and the system will accurately track the package. Once inside the room, they are guided to the package via the built in LED lighting that displays the Zone number and their name. The system works equally well for a resident getting one package or many packages on the same day.


Later, if the resident needs to return that package, they can print out their shipping store-provided shipping label from home and quickly return the package to the room at any time, for carrier pick up. The app also integrates with third-party applications to make purchasing UPS, FedEx and USPS shipping labels fast and easy.


In addition, HelloPackage is designed, using software algorithms, to accelerate package pickup by trusted representatives like a spouse, roommate or neighbor. This is very convenient if the resident is out of town for business or pleasure. It is also very important for you, the apartment owner/manager, as it keeps packages moving through your very limited package room space. Smart software is the key to efficiency.


The flexible technology can enable many different configurations.



Room Edition

The HelloPackage Room Edition contains everything the apartment community needs to solve its package problems. The system contains outside door control (tablet and backup keypad), patent pending racks (shelving), label reading and surveillance cameras, inside checking tablet kiosk, large monitor, and 20+ million lines of software written to make the entire process very convenient, fast, and efficient while keeping people/packages safe.


The entire system is built to be field upgradeable prolonging the life of the equipment as newer and faster electronic components become available. The HelloPackage hardware looks great, has a very modern design, and can be further customized to fit any decor. The Room Edition can quickly and easily be installed in an existing package room, converted laundry room, business center, storage space, vacant apartment, or other inside location.

Container Edition

The HelloPackage Container Edition has the same technology as the HelloPackage Room Edition but comes in an outside container that can be placed in two to three parking spaces or on a concrete pad in your community. You might think about a really nice, customized shipping container as a visual.


The Container Edition can be used as a permanent package room or for periods of high package volume such as the Holidays. To add capacity to the Container Edition it could not be simpler, just add another Container and magically they connect in the cloud and work together. This makes the system infinitely scalable. The Container Edition also works seamlessly with the Room Edition.

Office Edition

The HelloPackage Office Edition has the same software technology as the HelloPackage Room Edition but does not include any equipment, thus making it a very low/no capital cost option. This solution provides an automated, software-only system for a community that wants to deploy technology fast but doesn’t have the need/budget for a dedicated package room yet. The software runs on a smartphone or tablet in the leasing office, you can use your existing shelving, and it provides many of the same benefits as the other HelloPackage Editions.


Using the HelloPackage Office Edition you can expect your leasing staff to be more productive, spend much less time checking in and managing packages allowing them to spend more time leasing apartments. The system will allow your staff to check in each resident package is under a minute, the resident will then be automatically notified, and your staff can quickly find the package once the resident arrives for pick up.


Now, there is really no reason to continue handling packages manually using precious staff time to receive, mark, organize, store, and retrieve packages for residents. This is not only time consuming but very tedious work that can be quickly done by the HelloPackage Office Edition. Plus, by starting out with HelloPackage Office Edition, as your package volume grows, you can easily move to a dedicated package room at anytime without retraining your residents or your staff.