HelloPackage | Security
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Package/People Security 

Your package management system has to both feel secure and to be secure for packages and people. HelloPackage provides the maximum density of packages in a given space and very fast carrier unloading times by using an open shelf model. This is basically how Amazon stores items in their warehouses where density is paramount. However, the system must keep packages and people safe and secure in order to be a true solution. Both the perception of security and the substance of security are important here. We have developed a multitude of effective ways to make sure that people don’t worry about their packages and feel personally safe in the HelloPackage room. These measures are all configurable by the community property manager with our assistance.


HelloPackage has a multi-layered modern approach to security that involves many levels of physical and electronic security that make the HelloPackage facility an uninviting location for anyone wishing to do harm. The chances of being identified and caught for any wrongdoing is quite high. There are much easier/more forgiving places to commit a package theft crime, like the front doorstep of many houses where packages are constantly left in plain sight by carriers.

There are many levels of security built into the HelloPackage. For someone to commit a crime they have to get past these layers:

(1) Physical Security

Depending on the property, the HelloPackage facility may be behind 1 to 3 (or more) levels of physical security at the apartment community – outside gates, inside gates, strong industrial-grade locks on the HelloPackage door, etc. The door can only be opened with a one-time access code issued by the system when a resident has a package. If the person wishing to do harm is an outsider (non-resident), they must find a way to get past these physical layers of security undetected both coming and going. If the perpetrator is an insider (current resident), the community has many ways to positively ID them making detection/prosecution highly likely and they still need an active one-time use access code that was issued to them.

(2) Sensors

Every HelloPackage facility has a multitude of sensors such as ultrasonic/infrared motion detection and computer vision tracking of individuals to detect unauthorized people in the package room. Additionally, each package is specifically tracked using a patent pending process where the weight of each package is tracked. These sensors are activated in the event that a package is removed without authorization. The system is immediately alerted and a preselected sequence of warnings and other actions take place. The response to an inappropriate action can be configured for various levels of response. Any/All of these sensors are only disarmed when an authorized one-time use code is entered outside the package room door by a resident wishing to get their package and then the resident is only authorized to take packages for which they have a valid code.

(3) Cameras

There are multiple high-definition cameras using sophisticated computer vision software both inside and outside the HelloPackage facility. These cameras are constantly recording to the cloud. Some of these cameras are clearly visible and others are quite hard to find. The vision software makes detection of criminal activity very fast and clear evidence can be provided to the police. The HelloPackage vision software is quite smart today and getting smarter all the time as technical advances take place with computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. These advances will provide new and more sophisticated ways to quickly detect suspicious behavior and take immediate action to deter crime.

(4) Random Resident/Carrier/Staff Traffic

The HelloPackage system is designed as a public place within the apartment community with strong doors. The package room is open to random detection/viewing by residents, carriers, and staff members coming into the facility at any time or simply by walking by and peering in. This makes it virtually impossible to know when someone might come into the room. Anyone trying to achieve anonymity (hats, masks, etc.) will be quickly very obvious and suspicious.

(5) Dummy Packages

Through the magic of micro-dot technology and/or GPS trackers, police can positively identify stolen items taken from the HelloPackage facility. Apartment owners can choose to have packages in the room that have been specifically coded to allow police to positively ID the thief. This information can be displayed in the package room to deter bad behavior.

The HelloPackage System was designed with security for both packages and people in mind. 

HelloPackage creates a hardened package facility that is quite sophisticated. The average value of an order at Amazon is $47, so most likely any packages are vitamins, a hairdryer, the new cookbook someone ordered, etc. Upon entering the HelloPackage room it is quite clear that every action is being observed and tracked. A strong combination of physical and electronic security measures will keep both packages and people safe.