The Mark Athens

130 Hickory St.
Athens, GA 30601

The Challenge

In the bustling realm of student housing, our client faced a multifaceted challenge that demanded innovative solutions:

  • High Resident Density: With 435 units accommodating 1360 students, our client managed a bustling community, making package management a formidable task.
  • Building Expansion: The imminent launch of the third building compounded the package management challenge, necessitating scalable solutions.
  • Package Volume Surge: Comparing the present year to the previous, the client noted a significant increase in package volume, necessitating streamlined processes.
  • Move-In Logistics: Coordinating the influx of packages during the move-in period demanded efficiency and order to ensure a smooth transition for residents.
  • Delivery Driver Engagement: Ensuring delivery drivers’ participation in the system was essential for its effectiveness.
  • Leasing Team Disruptions: The high volume of package management disrupted the leasing team’s daily operations, demanding a solution.
  • Limited Conversion Time: With only two weeks to implement changes before the building launch and the start of the new school year, time was of the essence.
  • Local Team Involvement: Too many package check-in responsibilities fell on the local team, straining resources and efficiency. Managing resident support alongside leasing responsibilities presented a dual challenge.
Mark Athens Before
Mark Athens Before

In the face of these challenges, our client sought a comprehensive solution that would not only optimize package management but also enhance resident satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The Solution

Faced with the multifaceted challenges of managing a thriving student housing community, our client embarked on a transformative journey with HelloPackage. Here’s how we tackled the challenges and achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • Turnkey Build Out: In two days’ time, the HelloPackage team executed a seamless turnkey build-out of the package room. This encompassed demolition, painting, finishing, wiring, and the installation of the system.
  • Resident Onboarding: On the third day, just before the rush of student move-in, HelloPackage initiated a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure everyone was familiar with the new system.
  • Efficient Move-In: With the student move-in rush, the system was able to accommodate the 5,924 packages in the first three weeks of operation.
  • Driver Engagement: HelloPackage engaged with approximately 400 delivery drivers to encourage their participation in the system.
  • Resident Sign-Up: An impressive 93% of residents opted to sign up for the HelloPackage system, reflecting the system’s ease of use and value.
  • Swift Package Retrieval: An impressive 78% of residents managed to pick up their packages within two days, underscoring the efficiency of the new system.
  • Intelligent Shelving: The installation featured six smart shelves with a combined capacity of 240 packages, optimizing package organization.
  • Oversized Zones: Three custom oversized zones, equipped with a dedicated check-in kiosk, accommodate over 120 packages, enhancing efficiency.
  • Label Printing and Bundling: HelloPackage introduced label printing and bundling capabilities, simplifying the package retrieval process for residents.
  • Dedicated On-Site Service: To bolster the resident experience, HelloPackage provided 15 hours of on-site dedicated service each week.
  • USPS Overflow Management: A staging process was established to manage USPS overflow efficiently, ensuring no package went unattended.
Mark Athens After
Mark Athens After
Mark Athens After

The meticulous execution of this comprehensive solution, from the turnkey build-out to resident onboarding, enabled our client to not only conquer their package management challenges but also enhance resident satisfaction and operational efficiency. The next section will illuminate the tangible outcomes achieved through this transformation.

The Outcome

The implementation of HelloPackage’s innovative solutions resulted in transformative outcomes for our client, addressing their package management challenges and enhancing the overall resident experience.

  • 24/7 Resident Self-Serve: The HelloPackage system ensured round-the-clock access for residents, allowing them to retrieve their packages at their convenience.
  • Package Volume: After the successful launch of the HelloPackage system, the system handled over 6,000 packages in a single month and averaged just under 5,000 per month.
  • Delivery Driver Engagement: The client achieved consistent participation from delivery drivers, with approximately 500 visits per month. The HelloPackage system’s ease of use and proactive outreach efforts contributed to this success.
  • Leasing Team Relief: With the HelloPackage system in place, the burden of managing packages and engaging with delivery drivers was lifted from the leasing team. They were now able to focus on their core responsibilities with very few disruptions.
  • On-Site Service: The on-site dedicated service through the Ambassador Program allowed any carrier missteps to be addressed and enhanced the overall resident experience.
  • Rising Resident Satisfaction: Resident satisfaction saw a remarkable upswing as a direct result of the HelloPackage system’s implementation moving from 62.50% satisfaction to over 80% satisfaction.

This impressive increase in resident satisfaction reflected not only the success of the package management system but also the positive impact it had on the overall living experience within the community.

HelloPackage’s tailored solutions and meticulous execution not only conquered the package management challenges faced by our client but also elevated resident satisfaction levels. The results spoke volumes about the effectiveness of the innovative approach, demonstrating that efficiency and convenience in package management can significantly enhance the quality of life for residents in student housing communities.