Why HelloPackage?

We do all of it for you to get you out of the package management game.


  • Apartment and student housing owners prefer onsite package management for quick resident access.
  • Offsite package management has led to unhappy resident experiences and oftentimes delayed deliveries.
  • Package lockers and low-tech package rooms often result in improper package handling by delivery drivers.
  • To manage packages onsite, owners need a comprehensive delivery driver solution like HelloPackage.
  • Delivery drivers vary in types and schedules (UPS, FedEx, USPS, gig workers, etc).
  • HelloPackage provides authentication, training, and management of delivery drivers.
  • The objective is to relieve apartment staff from package and driver management while improving resident satisfaction.
  • HelloPackage offers the solution and invites you to demonstrate its functionality.


  • Onsite labor based on package volume and level of service you wish to provide to your residents
  • In-room service addresses “dumped” packages, returns and room reconciliation
  • Instant package delivery notifications
  • 24/7 solution authenticates, trains and manages delivery drivers
  • In-room telepresence and resident assistance
  • Omni-channel support – chatbot, text messaging, and/or phone
  • Complete Turnkey Service recommendations to remove the apartment owner from the task of having to convert or remodel space
Stacked Packages


  • Package theft is a growing issue in the U.S. with 19% (over 49 million people) experiencing stolen packages in 2021.
  • Stolen packages cause frustration and insecurity for residents.
  • Negative reviews on BBB and social media often result from package theft incidents.
  • Delivering packages to unsecured areas increases the risk of theft.
  • HelloPackage employs advanced software, modern technology, and physical security layers to deter package theft.
  • Online shopping is popular, making package security important for residents and good for business.

HelloPackage has alternating layers of electronic and physical security. All interactions with the system are being monitored, tracked, and recorded by both humans and advanced software/sensors. All evidence is readily available should any mishaps occur.


Apartment entrance tag reader


Outside gate delivery driver access control


Inside gate delivery driver access control


Package room delivery driver and resident access control


Package room motion sensors and alarm - these are disarmed via a one-time use code


Cameras inside and outside the package room (including advanced computer vision)


Live remote human monitoring of the package room via telepresence


Patent-pending system that records the weight of each package for tracking and security

HelloPackage Container


Once they take a close look, many apartment and student housing owners love the thought of having the modern, technology-forward, ONSITE HelloPackage package and delivery driver management system available for their residents. However, they are concerned about having THE RIGHT SPACE available now and into the future as eCommerce volumes increase. The good news is that these concerns have been addressed by a few simple things:

  1. HelloPackage is a logistics system, not a storage system (very different concepts – ‘science, not just storage’). This means that many more packages can fit into and quickly move through a given space compared to antiquated package lockers.
  2. Additionally, we offer a complete Turnkey Service to remove the apartment owner from the task of having to convert/remodel their available space (we do it for you).
  3. Finally, we offer the HelloPackage Modular Package Room (a 20 ft aesthetically pleasing container) for use outside. Let us explain how each of these things will make your concerns about space go away and give your residents a package management solution that they will love!
Price vs Value


The age-old question…upfront price vs long-term value. With HelloPackage you can have both. Now, HelloPackage comes in two configurations:

  • Both products eliminate package and delivery driver management for staff.
  • Installation is easy and handled by HelloPackage, including turnkey recommendations.
  • HelloPackage can generate additional ancillary income and improve resident satisfaction.
  • Complete Edition offers advanced technology and services for higher volume properties at a higher price.
  • Enhanced Edition suits budget-conscious owners who don’t need all Complete Edition features. This package can be upgraded at any time to the Complete edition as needs change.
  • Both products offer strong long-term value (ROI) and surpass outdated package lockers or offsite management.
  • Now, you can have BOTH – a great upfront price and long-term value!

HelloPackage is a LOGISTICS system (science) – not a STORAGE system